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Hi! My name is Willem Delventhal, and I am the Wizard of Joy. Did I say that already?


I have been building games and fantastical things pretty much my entire life. It all started on a fateful day at 15 years old. 

That was the moment I half accidentally sold my very first video game. bought my lovingly entitled "Quick Draw Rangers" for a whopping $500. The moment that started it all.

Fast forward five years and I started my first business. House painting. Not my favorite. But I learned a lot of things and made some money. And most importantly I realized that I really liked building things from the ground up.

Now, I am a seasoned game designer and a business founder. And often a bit of both. I love making things that make people happy, and believe in working on projects that make the world a better place.

I practice Joy First Business. Where the bottom line is creating a more joyous environment for employees and a better life for users. And I am fascinated by Utopia. For a childish vision of the perfect future.

But through it all I'm still just that kid messing around with cool shapes on a computer screen. I'm just in it for a fun time. Not a long time.

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