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Here's the things I've been working on.


Life By You - Paradox Tectonic

The most moddable life-sim ever made

  • Use a bespoke visual scripting language and the Unity Editor to create content for an upcoming life-sim game

  • Act as self directed content designer, identifying systems that need work and making them shine

  • Cross collaborate with larger design team and full development team to build incredible features

WithMe - Together Labs

A kinder, more patient metaverse from the creators of IMVU

  • Used Pro-social gameplay to establish trust between underserved demographics

  • Designed games, experiences and toys of varying size to facilitate social engagement

  • Focused on increasing key metrics with low scope design solutions

Taelmoor: The Scan-and-Play Dungeon Crawler Kickstarter Trailer
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TAELMOOR - Delve Bros

App enabled dungeon crawling board game incorporating simple AR

  • Bootstrapped indie studio successfully self published through Kickstarter in under 1 year

  • Designed unique gameplay via QR code tech, combining board game and video game design

  • Iteratively designed core combat and gameplay mechanics to create a satisfying experience.



Helping game developers pave their own path

  • Founded a game dev school that  has so far guided the publishing of 24 games

  • Designed a uniquely gamified curriculum with incredible conversion rates

  • Established a powerfully positive culture of Joy, Impact and Growth