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How to Paper Prototype Your Video Game v0.12

I'm writing a book on Paper Prototyping, the most under-utilized tool in the Game Designer's arsenal

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How to Paper Prototype your Video Game

Your next favorite book

The thesis is simple. Budding business folks focus on the wrong parts of business. It's not about being great, it's about creating wonderful things.

I don't know about you, but I started my business for freedom. I didn't want a boss anymore. And yet somehow I found myself a worse boss than I'd ever had.

It doesn't make sense, folks. That's why you have to Start With Fun. Enjoy yourself first, and the riches will follow.



In the world of game design, our first Green Light is what we call "Alpha."

An Alpha game is a vertical slice or MVP of the final product. It's purpose is to prove out a concept and start the player feedback cycle as early as possible.

We're writing a book a slightly different way. We're making it public through its production, and we need your help.

Download the Alpha PDF of Start With Fun for free below. Beware, it has rough edges and isn't perfect. We'll need your feedback to make it better.

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